Catalogue for Cosmos Catering



Cosmos Catering is a family-owned business based in Basildon, Essex. They are the suppliers of meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables, along with chilled and frozen food, beverages and cleaning supplies.


The client asked us to design a menu for their restaurants, and a catalogue and promotional leaflet for their range of catering services and solutions.


  • Catalog design
  • Leaflet design
  • Restaurant menu design


Cosmos Catering aim to convey a friendly, fun and enthusiastic approach. We wanted to develop a design scheme that could be transmitted across all print materials, which was in line with their ethos and approach.

We kept the menu, the leaflet and the catalogue as uncluttered as possible, and used images of food and beverages sparingly as highlights, rather than as the main focus of the materials. Given the nature of the bricks-and-mortar establishments in particular, we added a very subtle hint of ‘classic retro diner’ style to the designs, aimed at evoking feelings of nostalgia and great customer service.

The overall effect was pleasingly clear, engaging and readable, with the colour scheme drawing the reader’s attention, and the combination of logo and detailing evoking the high quality nature of the products and services.

Catalogue for Cosmos Catering

Our design for the catalogue for Cosmos Catering

Menu for Cosmos Catering

Our design for the menu for Cosmos Catering

Leaflet for Cosmos Catering

Our design for the leaflet for Cosmos Catering