Two women in textile sector discussing on table with full of textile tools



I&C Textile are a London-based textile consultancy firm, made up of dedicated textile professionals and engineers, providing expert consultation services for textile companies, as well as sourcing high-quality textiles from around the world for UK companies.


The client asked us to design a high quality, attractive website, as well as to design a professional and stylish letterhead for business use.


  • Letterhead design
  • Web design


For the website, we designed a clean, clear and slick-looking site that gives relevant information up front, provides a clear and effective user journey, and is eye-catching and attractive. We used imagery that evokes the textile business and tells the story of the textile consultancy, but that is not obstructive or obtrusive, and does not overwhelm the bold text or the message.

For the letterhead, we decided to keep things as simple as possible, designing something that was professional, stylish and minimalist, while also being capable of catching the recipient’s attention, and promoting the brand effectively.

Design for textile consultancy website

Our design for the I&C Textile website

Letterhead design for textile consultancy

Our design for the I&C Textile letterhead