Branding and design is not just about artistic excellence and creativity. It is about making connections with people, and going beyond the normal and the everyday to create intriguing and enduring stories, and powerful visual experiences.

BONB is a creative branding agency, based in London, and working with clients across the globe. We’re a small, talented team of creative individuals, confident in what we do and unified by a shared spirit of purpose and possibility.

At BONB, we live our work. Humour, imagination and a love for making amazing things is what drives us, and this spills over into our projects. We love to work with brands who have an authentic and inspiring story to tell, and who appreciate a light, down-to-earth and friendly touch!

Nothing we do is standard, everything is memorable. Whether working with small startups or big brands, we take an individual approach to every project, building rich, imaginative stories based in deep research, to creatively tell stories that need to be told.

We’re a young design agency brimming with ideas, and focused on really making a difference with our work. Our small team is perfectly suited to the needs of any project and any client, from tiny startups to global brands.


We’re agile, flexible and clued-in to trends and ideas across the world. Precisely because we’re a small team, you’ll meet and work directly with the members of the team doing the work. Good relationships lead to great ideas which lead to outstanding results.

Our award-winning founder and lead designer, Betim Bozkurt, has over ten years working with national and international brands around the world, so we can combine global agency experience with a boutique approach to any project, and any client.

Every project is bespoke to us, and approached in a unique way. We love our work, and want to love our clients, so it is important that the projects we take on are different, and will make a difference. We want to build long term relationships with the people we work with, and you’ll find us open, friendly and above all passionate about creating remarkable, beautiful things.