Why a sense of purpose is vital for brands, and how brands can find their own way

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Why a sense of purpose is vital for brands, and how brands can find their own way?


In the fast moving and exceedingly competitive business world of today, knowing what you stand for and what your purpose is as a company is vital if you want to succeed. Standing out from the crowd is a key part of what makes a successful brand, but how do you do it?


Consumers today are more discerning than they have ever been before, and want more than just quality products or services. They want brands that can tell a story, that have a narrative of their own, and that know ‘why’ they are doing what they are doing. Finding, prioritizing and conveying your purpose as a brand is one of the best ways of engaging with your audience, and therefore one of the most important elements of marketing your business.


Tell a story


The narrative behind your company and your products is almost as important as what you are doing or selling. ‘Why’ you do what you do, or the purpose of your brand, has a huge impact on the perception you give to current and potential clients, and at the end of the day forms the basis for the success of your brand. 

Defining your purpose is important for how your business runs, too. Your ‘why’ should be your driving force, your vision, and should sync up with what your company stands for, and who you are as a brand. When you define your purpose it becomes easier to connect with customers, as you are able to sell a narrative that they can buy into, and you can target your ideal audience more simply and effectively. Having a well defined purpose, therefore, is a key lynchpin of building a better brand. 


What is a brand purpose?


At its heart, your brand purpose should be simple. It is the reason you got into business in the first place, the thing that drives you to do what you do, and the vision and values that define your company. Your brand purpose, or your ‘why’ should be the guiding light behind your business strategy, and have a direct and continuous impact on how you do business.

However, it isn’t always that easy. As time goes by and your business grows and changes, your purpose can get muddled, confused and vague. So it is always important to keep going back to your fundamentals, to check in with your core values, and to refresh them on a regular basis if necessary.

Your brand purpose should guide what and how you serve your clients, how you speak to them, and how you work within your wide community. It should provide a roadmap for how your company presents itself, and how it creates value for others. A solid, simple and engaging ‘why’ is a great way of showing how everyone benefits from your services. 


Prioritize your purpose and thrive


At the end of the day, your branding and marketing is designed to speak to actual human beings with real wants, needs and demands. To speak to real people you need to engage with their hearts and minds, not just trot out tired marketing jargon. Standing out from the crowd means that your brand should have a personality for itself, and a strong narrative, to help your audience identify with your vision.

A strong purpose makes your customers feel part of your brand’s story. It will draw people in, and make them feel like they are part of something more significant than ‘just a transaction’. You can show that your brand is more than just the products or services that it sells, that you are thinking about more than just your next marketing push, and that you are aiming to make a difference as well as a profit. 

In an age where consumers are looking for more than just a product, brands need to sell themselves as well as their goods and services. Brands need to stand for something, to inspire, and to look to have an impact on the world, or at least on their community. If you prioritize and perfect your ‘why’ you’ll be able to develop a stronger, sustainable connection with your audience, and build lasting and rewarding relationships with your clientele.